Is Legit or Scam? (Full Review) presents itself as a drone manufacturing company that distributes drones worldwide. It offers an investment opportunity for Nigerians to invest in its business and earn daily income. The platform boasts a range of drone products, and investors can purchase drone equipment to participate in the income-sharing plan.

How to Join

Joining involves visiting their website and registering through the provided invitation link. Once registered, users can explore the investment plans and choose the one that suits their budget and preferences. The minimum deposit required is ₦2000, and users can enjoy a registration bonus of ₦1000 along with a daily login reward of ₦100.

How to Make Money on

To make money on, investors can purchase drone equipment and become shareholders of the company. Shareholders are entitled to a portion of the company’s income, which is distributed daily. The amount of daily income varies depending on the investment plan chosen. Users can withdraw their earnings at any time, with no restrictions on withdrawal frequency. Investment Plans offers various investment plans, each with its own price, expiration period, daily income, and total revenue potential. These plans cater to different budget levels and income expectations. Investors can choose from plans such as the Mini Navigation Series, 4K Sky Series, Air Mountain Series, and Pro City Series, among others.

Make Money on Through Referrals

One way to increase earnings on is through referrals. Users can invite friends to join the platform, and upon their friends’ investments, they receive a cash reward equivalent to 30% of the investment amount. Additionally, users earn 2% cashback for investments made by their level 2 referrals and 1% cashback for investments made by level 3 referrals.

Is Legit or Scam?

Despite its enticing offers, several red flags suggest that may not be a legitimate investment opportunity. Firstly, the company lacks a physical office or location in Nigeria, raising concerns about its credibility. Additionally, there is a lack of transparency in the company’s dispute resolution process and business model. The promotional materials do not provide clear information about the products or services offered, and the business address cannot be verified.

In conclusion, based on the identified red flags, appears to be a scam. Investors should exercise caution and thoroughly research before investing in such platforms to avoid potential financial losses.






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