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wearefabric.io Review | Legit or Scam

Wearefabric iis a website that lets users make money from watching ads. It is a data marketplace that connects consumers directly with advertisers, eliminating middlemen like Facebook and Google. By doing so, the platform ensures that users’ data remains secure and private, while also giving them the opportunity to make money. Unlike traditional advertising models, Wearefabric rewards users with Social Cash for willingly sharing their data with brands.

The current advertising model, dominated by big players like Facebook and Google, lacks accountability for both consumers and brands. Users have little control over their data, which is often sold without their consent, while brands struggle to target relevant audiences effectively.

Wearefabric addresses the issues in the advertising industry by removing the middlemen, giving users control over their data, and rewarding them for sharing it with brands. This way, consumers benefit from personalised ads that interest them, and brands can target their campaigns more efficiently.

How Wearefabric Works

The platform operates on a two-fold process that benefits both consumers and brands. Users create a Smart Profile containing their web and social activity, including pages visited, purchases made, and content engaged with. This profile is shared with brands in exchange for Social Cash. Brands can then use these profiles to target consumers with Smart Ads that are relevant and interesting to them.

Wearefabric’s modelpays users to share their data willingly, giving them control over what information is shared. Brands benefit by accessing accurate consumer profiles, leading to more effective and targeted advertising campaigns.

How to Make Money on Wearefabric

Wearefabric offers users an opportunity to earn money through its data monetization system. By interacting with Smart Ads from brands, users accumulate Social Cash rewards. These rewards can be exchanged for USD when users request a transfer to their Fabric bank account. Essentially, the more users engage with Smart Ads, the more Social Cash they earn, providing them with a means of making money simply by using the platform.

Is Wearefabric Legit Or Scam?

Wearefabric is a legitimate and reliable platform.






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