Wealthgens Review – Is Wealthgens.org Legit Or Scam

About Wealthgens.org

In this blog post, we would be doing a review of a new money making platform called wealthgens. We would check if the company is legit or scam and provide our feedback.

Wealthgens is a newly launched investment platform in Nigeria that provides daily returns of 25%. If you invest 2,000 naira, you make 500 naira everyday. Also when you refer someone to the Wealthgens platform, you get 20% of what the person invested on the platform. So if you want to make money online, you can join Wealthgens and invest with them.

Company Name: Wealthgens
Website url: Wealthgens.org
Invitation url: Wealthgens.org
Launch Date: 14/08/2023
Domain Registration Date: 2023-08-12
Domain Expiry Date: 2024-08-12
Owner Name: The owner of the domain name is privacy protected
Daily Commission 25%
Referral Commission 20%
No. of Visits 55
Last Visit: 5min ago


Wealthgens.org Benefits

  • Welcome Bonus of 350 naira
  • Minimum Deposit of 3000 naira
  • Minimum Withdrawal of 1,000 naira

Wealthgens.org Investment Plans

Plan 1:

  • Package: N3000 (that’s how much you invest)
  • Daily Earnings: N750 (how much you make every day)
  • Duration: 15 days (how long this goes on)
  • Total Earnings: N11,250 (the money you’ll have at the end)

Plan 2:

  • Package: N5000
  • Daily Earnings: N1,250
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N18,750

Plan 3:

  • Package: N7000
  • Daily Earnings: N1,750
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N26,250

Plan 4:

  • Package: N10000
  • Daily Earnings: N2,500
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N37,500

Plan 5:

  • Package: N20000
  • Daily Earnings: N5,000
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N75,000

Plan 6:

  • Package: N50000
  • Daily Earnings: N12,500
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N187,500

Plan 7:

  • Package: N100000
  • Daily Earnings: N25,000
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N375,000

Plan 8:

  • Package: N200000
  • Daily Earnings: N50,000
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N750,000

Plan 9:

  • Package: N300000
  • Daily Earnings: N75,000
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N1,125,000

Plan 10:

  • Package: N500000
  • Daily Earnings: N125,000
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N1,875,000

Plan 11:

  • Package: N800000
  • Daily Earnings: N200,000
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N3,000,000

Plan 12:

  • Package: N1000000
  • Daily Earnings: N250,000
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N3,750,000

Plan 13:

  • Package: N2000000
  • Daily Earnings: N500,000
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Total Earnings: N7,500,000

Wealthgens.org Red Flags

1. No Information on Investments: Wealthgens doesn’t provide detailed information about where your funds are being invested.
2. Reliance on New Investments: The platform relies on new investments to pay returns to existing members, a classic sign of a Ponzi scheme.
3. Lack of Regulation: Legitimate investment platforms are usually regulated by financial authorities, which Wealthgens lacks.
4. No Clear Exit Strategy: Legitimate investments allow participants to exit their positions, while Ponzi schemes make this difficult.

Is Wealthgens.org Legit or Scam?

Based on all the red flags we have listed above, it is quite evident that Wealthgens.org is a Scam







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