Twingaz Review – Is Legit Or Scam

About is an online investment platform that offers users the promise of earning rewards based on their chosen car subscription. It operates by allowing users to make money through daily logins and participating in various investment plans presented on the platform.

Founded by an unidentified individual or group, claims to provide registered members with opportunities to generate passive income by completing specific tasks available on the website. These tasks encompass selecting an investment plan and depositing funds, leading to daily returns that vary depending on the invested amount. Additionally, members accrue earnings simply by logging into their accounts each day. also incentivizes its affiliate program, granting members a unique referral link to invite others to join the platform and earn commissions.

To begin earning on, users must register on the website and are greeted with a welcome bonus. After registration, they select an investment plan suitable for them and deposit funds, commencing a process where they receive daily returns over a specific period.

The minimum investment starts at N2,000, with a fixed daily return rate of 25% for ten days. For instance, a N2,000 investment yields N500 daily for ten days. The platform also accommodates larger investments, up to N100,000, generating N25,000 in daily profits over the same ten-day span.

Making money on primarily involves depositing funds and referring others to join the platform. The potential earnings hinge on the chosen investment plan, with higher plans resulting in greater returns. For example, investing N2,000 in the first plan can yield up to N500 daily.

In summary, offers users an opportunity to earn passive income by investing in various plans, with daily returns based on the invested amount. Affiliates can further boost their earnings by referring new members to the platform, making this online investment platform an accessible option for individuals seeking to generate income using any internet-enabled device.

Company Name:
Website url:
Invitation url:
Launch Date: 2023-8-11
Domain Registration Date: 2023-07-01
Domain Expiry Date: 2024-07-01
Owner Name: The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission
Referral Commission N500
No. of Visits 565
Last Visit: 8min ago Features & Benefits

  • making cool cash at the comfort of your home.
  • Passive income can be generated by simply utilizing any internet-enabled device.
  • After completing the registration process, you will receive a welcome bonus as a reward. Investment Plans

  • Guarz

    • Amount: N2000
    • Daily income: N500
    • Duration: 10days


    • Amount: N5000
    • Daily income: N1250
    • Duration: 10days


    • Amount: N10,000
    • Daily income: N2,500
    • Duration: 10days


    • Amount: N20,000
    • Daily income: N5,000
    • Duration: 10days


    • Amount: N50,000
    • Daily income: N12,500
    • Duration: 10days


    • Amount: N100,000
    • Daily income: N25,000
    • Duration: 10days Red Flags

1. History of Fraudulent Activities: If there are reports of fraudulent activities related to the platform or its founders, this is a significant red flag.
2. No Independent Verification: Scam platforms often lack independent third-party verification of their claims.
3. No Independent Verification: Scam platforms often lack independent third-party verification of their claims.
4. Unrealistic Timeframes: promises quick and substantial profits, a hallmark of many scams.

Is Legit or Scam?

Based on all the red flags we have listed above, it is quite evident that is a Scam







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