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Are you looking for a platform to make extra income in Nigeria, is a new investment scheme that promises high returns on investment. It promises to pay users 10% of their investment daily for 180 days. In this blog post, we do a thorough review of the softcat platform to determine if its scam or legit.

The softcat platform offers the following benefits

👉New users can experience 5 days of work for free
👉 Referral reward 10% reward
👉 Team income 5% – 2% (check in the funding details)
👉 Minimum withdrawal amount -200₦
👉 Minimum top up – 1000 ₦
👉When the team size reaches 10 people, contact the customer service manager to get VIP2 rewards
✅Withdrawal time: 9:30—18:30 (account within 2 hours after withdrawal review)
✅Recharge time is 24 hours

How To Earn On

There are different ways you can earn money on the platform, and they include.

  1. Investment
  2. Referral Earnings
  3. Performing simple tasks.


You can earn 10% daily when you invest in any of softcat investment plans. There are 6 plans and each plans has different price and returns. Below are the various investment plans.

Softcat Investment Plans

VIP0 (Experience 5 days) ₦0.00
Per order:₦100.00
Daily Profit:200

VIP1 ₦5000.00
Per order:₦100.00
Monthly Income:6000
Referral reward: 10%

VIP2 ₦15000.00
Per order:₦100.00
Monthly Income:18000
Referral reward: 10%

VIP3 ₦30000.00
Per order:₦100.00
Monthly Income:45000
Referral reward: 10%

VIP4 ₦80000.00
Per order:₦100.00
Monthly Income:135000
Referral reward: 10%

VIP5 ₦200000.00
Per order:₦100.00
Monthly Income:606000
Referral reward: 10%

VIP6 ₦350000.00
Per order:₦100.00
Monthly Income:1290000

Kindly note below

1. VIPO is valid for 5 days. This level allows you to work for 5 days to earn 1000 income. You can withdraw funds after upgrading VIP. If your VIP level is not updated during the activation period, you will not be able to continue to generate funds by performing tasks.
2. To upgrade to vip-vip6 level, you must pay the corresponding amount at one time, and you only need to pay the price difference to upgrade to VIP. Membership is valid for 180 days, after expiration, funds will be returned to the account platform.

Referral Earnings

You can make a whole lot of money by referring other people to the platform. All you need to do is to get your unique referral link from your dashboard and share it with your friends and family. You earn 10% of what your referrals invest.

Performing simple tasks.

Another avenue for you to make money is to perform simple tasks on the softcat platform. You get paid for performing things like commenting, watching ads, etc.

The platform assigns tasks and income according to the VIP level. All funds obtained by completing tasks can be withdrawn in accordance with platform rules. Once you receive the task, you have to follow the rules to execute it. (Watch the video, click “Like”, subscribe, upload screenshots)

Is Legit or Scam is a scam and a ponzi scheme that would collapse one day. The platform promises insane rewards to entice unsuspecting victims to invest and then at the end of the investment period, wont pay out the earnings. The platform was setup to defraudd Nigerians. FOrget any payment proof flying around, those are just to entice and attract victims to invest.









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