Rtid.store Review | Scam or Legit

There is a new investment platform in town called Rtid.store. This new platform promises users who invest in any of it products a daily return of 10%. This mouth offereing offer is to attract Nigerians into investing in their platfor, In this blog post, we would be reviewing this new platform to determine if its legit, a scam or a ponzi scheme.

In recent times, there have been a lot of online platforms that allow people make money online from the comfort of their home, but a lot of fraudulent ones started coming out and now its very difficult to identify the real ones from the scams.That is why you should always visit our blog to check for our reviews of a platform before investing in it. Our reviews would enlighten you on the pros and cons of the platform and advice you whether you should invest in it or not. Doing this will make you not fall victims to scammers.

How To Earn On Rtd,store

You can make money on rtid.store through the below ways

  1. New User Registration Bonus: When you sign up as a new user on the rtid.store, you receive a registration bonus of 100NGN. This would be added to your wallet automatically.
  2. Refer Friends and Earn: Invite your friends to invest on rtid.store and you earn a 32% cash back on their investments. This means you’ll receive a percentage of the amount your friends invest, providing you with additional earnings. You can get your referral link from your dashboard. Then you share the link with other people to join the platform.
  3. Investing: When you invest in any of rtid.store investment packages, you earn 22% of your investment daily. The company has different virtual stock packages on its website and it claims when you buy its virtual stocks, you earn 22% daily for 55 days.

Rtid.store Investment Plans

Rtid.store has various investment plans you can select. Below are the investment plans

  1. Store 2300
    • ₦510.00 daily for 55 days
    • Price: ₦2,300.00
  2. Store 6100
    • ₦1,330.00 daily for 55 days
    • Price: ₦6,100.00
  3. Store 13400
    • ₦2,700.00 daily for 55 days
    • Price: ₦13,400.00
  4. Store 25,500
    • ₦5,490.00 daily for 55 days
    • Price: ₦25,500.00
  5. Store 52,000
    • ₦11,700.00 daily for 55 days
    • Price: ₦52,000.00
  6. Store 105,000
    • ₦25,800.00 daily for 55 days
    • Price: ₦105,000.00
  7. Store 200,000
    • ₦55,000.00 daily for 55 days
    • Price: ₦200,000.00
  8. Store 350,700
    • ₦118,150.00 daily for 55 days
    • Price: ₦350,700.00

How To Withdraw On Rtid.store

To withdraw your earnings from the platform is straightforward. You can only withdraw when you meet the minimum withdrawal threshold which is 1000 naira.

T withdraw, login to your dashboard and click the withdrawal menu item at the bottom, then fill in your bank details and the amount you want to withdraw, then click on request withdraw button.

Is Rtid.store Legit?

Rtid.store is a scam and fraudulent platform promising users high investment returns when in reality its intention is to defraud them. The high returns on investment is a tactic to lure people into investing in the platform. It basically operates like a ponzi scheme in which it pays people initially to convince others to join and when a lot of people join, they shut down and run a way with investors money. be careful when investing, only invest the amount you can afford to loose.

Another red flag is that there are no information about the owner or founders of the platform. This is one of the major characteristics of fraudulent platforms.







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