Review | Legit or Scam?

NgCarPower is a revolutionary company specializing in car charging equipment that enables you to earn passive income while contributing to clean energy generation. With over 13 branches across Nigeria and ambitious plans to expand further, CarPower offers an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to invest and make money in the sustainable energy sector. In this blog post, we will explore what CarPower is, how you can invest and earn money with the company, and whether CarPower is a legitimate investment opportunity.

CarPower ( claims to be a company that makes car chargers. They claim people can earn extra income from them by purchasing car charges which they install all over the world. As the car chargers charge cars, the investors make money hourly.

How To Earn On

You can make money on NgcarPower in 4 different ways, and they are:

1. Buying Car Charger devices:

When you purchase a car charger device from, the company immediately deploys the charger to a suitable location where it starts charging electric vehicles. As the chargers charge vehicles, you make money and the company pays you. To earn more commissions, you can purchase more devices. The more device you buy, the more revenue you generate, which is the most stable way to make money.

Ng Car Power Car Chargers Investment Plans

Device Price Hourly Earnings Term of Validity Quantity Sold Total Revenue Quantity You Can Buy
Audi-Power ₦200000 ₦270 365 days 360 ₦2,365,200 2
Mini car-power ₦2000 ₦2.4 365 days 73,050 ₦21,024 1
Volkswagen-Power ₦4000 ₦4.8 365 days 10,345 ₦42,048 1
Toyota-Power ₦10000 ₦12.3 365 days 3,276 ₦107,748 1
Tesla-Power ₦60000 ₦75.7 365 days 700 ₦663,132 2
BMW-Power ₦500000 ₦744 365 days 100 ₦6,517,440 2
Honda Motor-Power ₦20000 ₦24.5 365 days 1,581 ₦214,620 2
Benz-Power ??? ??? 365 days 123 ₦61,320,000 1
Porsche-Power ??? ??? 365 days 0 ₦12,158,880 1
Rolls-Royce ??? ??? 365 days 0 ₦36,792,000 2


2.Regular deposit of regular fixed wealth management products, the rate of return is as high as 50 times.

For example:

When we choose to manage your money for 300 days. Expect to invest 1000 NGN, 1000*5000%=50000. then your return for 300 days will be 1000+50000=51000 Naira

You can choose any amount of investment, and the larger the amount invested, the higher the return. Everyone can try a small amount of money first, and everyone can understand the way of making money in it.

3. Make Money From Referrals

Invite friends to register, create your own team, and let more people make money for you. This is the most profitable way to make money on

The person who uses your own invitation link to register is your “LV1”. you can get 7% of his device revenue and get 7% of the price of the device.

You can get 2% from LV2.

You can get 1% from LV3.

4.. Treasure Chest Rewards:

Inviting friends not only earns you referral rewards but also grants you a chance to open the treasure chest, which may contain exciting prizes like mobile phones and even cars.


Is CarPower Legit or Scam?

CarPower is a scam and a Ponzi scheme. The company does not exist; it’s fake. It’s a Ponzi scheme developed by fraudsters with the aim of scamming people. The website uses a popular Ponzi scheme template used by other similar Ponzi scheme websites. Also, information about the owners and founders is not known. This is a major red flag and a characteristic of a fraudulent website.







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