neste-nw Review – Is Legit Or Scam


The Neste Investment Group, launched on August 26, 2023, is a newly established investment platform in Nigeria, offering daily returns ranging from 5% to 30%. The platform emphasizes a commitment to reducing carbon emissions and developing circular solutions. Neste Investment Group aims to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions and seeks investors for its clean energy projects.

The platform’s earning structure includes free sign-up bonuses, referral rewards, and team commissions. Minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are set at ₦8,000 and ₦6,000, respectively. Various investment plans with different durations are available, offering daily income rates.

A referral program allows users to earn additional income by inviting friends to join, with varying commission rates based on referral levels. Withdrawals are subject to specific time windows, with a 6.00% service charge and an estimated fund arrival time of 24 hours.

However, the article casts doubt on the platform’s legitimacy, suggesting it might be a Ponzi scheme impersonating Nestle, and it advises potential investors to exercise caution.

Company Name:
Website url:
Invitation url:
Launch Date: 2023-08-26
Domain Registration Date: 2023-08-22
Domain Expiry Date: 2024-08-22
Owner Name: The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission 5% to 30%
Referral Commission 11%
No. of Visits 561
Last Visit: 6min ago Features & Benefits

  1. Daily Returns.
  2. Environmental Impact.
  3. Referral Rewards. Investment Plans

  1. Beginners (1 Day Investment):
    • Investment Amount: NGN 2,500.00
    • Daily Income: 160.00% / NGN 4,000.00
    • Investment Cycle: 1 day
  2. Aviation Fuel (25 Days Investment):
    • Investment Amount: NGN 8,000.00
    • Daily Income: 8.75% / NGN 700.00
    • Investment Cycle: 25 days
  3. Neste Marine Fuels and Neste Diesel (25 Days Investment):
    • Investment Amount: NGN 15,000.00
    • Daily Income: 12.00% / NGN 1,800.00
    • Investment Cycle: 25 days
  4. Neste Gasoline (25 Days Investment):
    • Investment Amount: NGN 50,000.00
    • Daily Income: 11.00% / NGN 5,500.00
    • Investment Cycle: 25 days
  5. Lubricants (25 Days Investment):
    • Investment Amount: NGN 100,000.00
    • Daily Income: 12.00% / NGN 12,000.00
    • Investment Cycle: 25 days
  6. Alkylate Gasoline (25 Days Investment):
    • Investment Amount: NGN 400,000.00
    • Daily Income: 13.75% / NGN 55,000.00
    • Investment Cycle: 25 days
  7. Fuel Oils (25 Days Investment):
    • Investment Amount: NGN 800,000.00
    • Daily Income: 15.00% / NGN 120,000.00
    • Investment Cycle: 25 days
  8. Nessol Solvents (25 Days Investment):
    • Investment Amount: NGN 3,000,000.00
    • Daily Income: 19.50% / NGN 585,000.00
    • Investment Cycle: 25 days Red Flags

1. No Information on Investments: doesn’t provide detailed information about where your funds are being invested.
2. Unverifiable Track Record: Ponzi schemes lack a legitimate track record of successful investments.
3. Minimal Legal Documentation: Ponzi schemes often lack legal documentation required for legitimate investment operations.
4. Inability to Explain Returns: The platform cannot provide a clear and verifiable explanation for how they generate the promised returns.

Is Legit or Scam?

Based on all the red flags we have listed above, it is quite evident that is a Scam







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