Kubiwin Review | Legit or Scam?

Kubiwin is a newly launch platform gaming platform that allows people earn money by playing games. A lot of Nigerians love playing games, which is why kubiwin decided to develop this gaming platform to allow Nigerians make money from doing what they love.

Kubiwin is an excellent game platform for anyone seeking an opportunity to have fun, play games, and earn real money online. With a variety of games and high chances of winning, it’s worth giving it a try. Remember to start with smaller amounts, understand the games, and avoid being too greedy

In this blog post, we would be doing an in-depth review of the kubiwin platform to determine if its legit or fake.

How To Earn On Kubiwin By Playing Games

Kubiwin allow users place bet on games and when they win, they get credited instantly to their wallet. Follow the below steps to start making money on kubiwin

  • Click here to create a kubiwin account
  • After creating an account, the next thing is for you to deposit money to your account so you can start playing games.
  • Click on the profile icon at the top right corner, then select “Deposit”
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit. Note that the minimum amount you can deposit is 2,000 naira.
  • Click on the “Deposit” button to fund your wallet.
  • After funding your wallet, you can now start placing bet on games. Its very easy to play games on Kubiwin and they also offer a wide selection of games including mines, dice, etc.


How To Withdraw on Kubiwin

  • You can withdraw your earnings on kubiwin when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of ₦2000.
  • To withdraw your earnings, click on the profile icon at the top right corner, select “Withdraw”
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and input your bank details.
  • You would be credited instantly to your bank account


Is Kubiwin legit or Scam?

Yes kubiwin is a legit gaming platform that has received numerous positive reviews from its users A lot of people have made money on kubiwin and were able to withdraw their earnings successfully.

You also need to understand that kubiwin is a betting platform and you can also loose your money when you bet.






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