Is a Scam or Legit – Full Review

Daily, a lot of new investment platforms are launching in Nigeria, some promising huge and unrealistic retirns on investment. Most of these platforms are scam and not genuine, which is why Nigerians should be extremely careful before investing in any of such platforms.

A new investment platform thats currently gaining momentum in Nigeria currently is the platform. It promises users 28% return on investment daily for a period of 25 days. This means if you invest 1000 naira, you get 7,000 naira in just 25 days.  This is almost 700% return on Investment in a month. As juicy as this offer looks, it is extremely important that you exercise caution before investing your money on this platform.

How To Make Money on

To make money on vipalat, you start by creating an account, then you login to your account to access the dashboard. You click on the deposit button and input an amount you want to deposit., an account number would automatically be generated for you to pay into. When you make the payment, come pack to that same page and upload the evidence of payment. When that is done, you would be able to now invest in any of the vipalat packages.

You can also make a lot of money through the vipalat referral programe, in which you refer other people to the platform and you earn 30% of whatever they invest.

Vipalat Investment Packages

VIP 1 ₦ 7,000 Total ₦ 280 Daily 25 days ₦ 1,000
VIP 2 ₦ 35,000 Total ₦ 1,400 Daily 25 days ₦ 5,000
VIP 3 ₦ 56,000 Total ₦ 2,240 Daily 25 days ₦ 8,000
VIP 4 ₦ 70,000 Total ₦ 2,800 Daily 25 days ₦ 10,000
VIP 5 ₦ 105,000 Total ₦ 4,200 Daily 25 days ₦ 15,000
VIP 6 ₦ 280,000 Total ₦ 11,200 Daily 25 days ₦ 40,000
VIP 7 ₦ 490,000 Total ₦ 19,600 Daily 25 days ₦ 70,000
VIP 8 ₦ 1,050,000 Total ₦ 42,000 Daily 25 days


Is Vipalat a Scam

Yes vip alert is a scam. Vipalat promises a daily return on investment of 28% for a period of 25 days. Such high and consistent returns mean it is a Ponzi scheme or fraudulent investment program. A return of almost 700% in a month is highly unrealistic and unsustainable. The returns is just to entice users into investing in the platform.






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