Is a Scam or Legit – Full Review

In this blog post, we would be making an in-depth review of a new task to earn platform called SuperWave ( The platform has been trending in Nigeria for some time now, and it promises to reward users for performing simple tasks like watching ads, reading posts, referring users, sharing posts, etc. This information we would be providing would allow you make informed decision about the platform so you dont end up wasting your time and not get paid.

This newly launched platform claims to offer enticing bonus and rewards like ₦300 per referral, a sign-on bonus of ₦1,100. They also promise to reward you with ₦25 for reading and commenting on posts, and ₦150 for sharing sponsored posts on Facebook and WhatsApp. Additionally, there’s a chance to earn up to ₦20,000 as the highest Referral Earner every weekend.

However, we must approach these claims with caution, as they lack confirmation, and there are several red flags on the platform. The platform is task-based, where you can make money by performing various tasks. Super Wave does not require any investment; you earn solely based on your activities.

Superwave claims it makes money through advertisements and it shares a percent of the ads earnings with its users when they perform tasks.
While the legitimacy of Super Wave is not confirmed, it doesn’t request any money from users. The withdrawal process allows you to withdraw ₦4,000 for referral earnings and ₦7,000 for activity earnings every 15th of the month.


How To Make Money On Superwave

To start making money on Superwave, follow these simple steps:

  1. Registration: Go to and click on “Sign Up”. Fill in your username, full name, email address, and an optional referral username. Create a password and click “Create an Account.”
  2. Logging In: After registering, click on “Login.” Enter your username and password, then click “Login” to access your account.

Make Money By performing Tasks operates as a task-based platform, where you earn money by performing various tasks like reading blog posts, answering questions, posting, and more. You also get paid for logging in daily.

You earn  ₦25 for reading each content / blog post on Superwave.  Commenting on posts also rewards you with ₦25 per comment. Daily tasks can earn you up to ₦500.

To Perform any Task on, Login to your member dashboard, Click on “My Task” to view available tasks. You may be required to join the official Facebook group or page to earn rewards.

Users needs to be careful of Suspensions, don’t attempt to cheat or claim tasks without actually performing them to avoid account suspensions.

Spin & Win:

You can also try the “Spin & Win” feature for a chance to win additional rewards. However, be aware that there might be occasional technical issues.

Referrals offers an exciting referral program that allows you to earn extra money by inviting others to join the platform. Here’s how you can make money on Superwave through referrals:

Once you have registered on, you’ll receive a unique referral link. Copy this link, as it will be your key to earning referral rewards.

Start sharing your referral link on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and others. Encourage your friends, family, and followers to sign up using your link. For every successful referral who signs up using your link, you will earn ₦300. The more people you refer, the more money you can make. also offers an exciting opportunity to be the highest referral earner. If you manage to have the most referrals during the weekend, you can win up to ₦20,000.

Also When someone signs up using your link, they will receive an instant bonus of ₦1,100. Additionally, for each friend you invite, you’ll get ₦200 as per the referral program terms.


How To Withdraw Your Earnings

To withdraw your earnings, Login to the dashboard, go to the “Withdrawal” section. The minimum withdrawal for referral earners is ₦4,000, while activity earners can withdraw ₦7,000. Payments are made every 15th of the month.


Is Superwave a Scam

Below are reasons why we believe superwave is not legit.

  1. Lack of Founder / CEO / Management Information: The absence of information about the founder or CEO raises concerns about the transparency and credibility of the platform. This is a behaviour of a platform thats not legit.
  2. Unrealistic Earning Claims: Superwave makes unrealistic claims about users earning large amounts of money, which cannot be verified. This could be a tactic to attract more users to the platform.
  3. Lack of Physical Office Address: The platform does not provide a physical office address, making it difficult to verify its legitimacy and raises questions about accountability.
  4. No Payment Proof: As at today, there are no payment or withdrawal proofs to show that superwave indeeds pay its users their earnings.







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