Is a Scam or Legit?

Are you searching for an innovative investment opportunity that not only promises substantial returns but also contributes to a sustainable future? Look no further than Schroders. The platform claims to be a renewable energy company that allow users invest in green energy, and the power plant based equipments.When you purchase an equipment, it can generate a large amount of electricity, which would fetch you daily returns. It also provides large number of social and economic benefits in addition to the return on investment!.

After renting a generator, you need to wait 24 hours for it to arrive. For example, if you make a purchase at 11:00am, the proceeds will be credited to your account tomorrow at 11:00am and you can withdraw it. provides attractive returns on your investment. Schrodders ensures that you enjoy a consistent flow of earnings, allowing you to see your investment grow over time.

How To Earn on

When you join Schroders investment platform, you’ll enjoy various benefits. New users receive 200 naira upon registration. Also by inviting friends to join and recharge, you can earn a 37% reward of their recharge amount. Investing in leasing power generation projects enables you to earn 12%  return on investment daily with no time limit. Minimum withdrawal is 1000, and withdrawals arrive within 3 minutes. You can make unlimited 24-hour withdrawals, but remember not to disclose your password as it cannot be changed, and users bear the consequences of password disclosure.

Schroders Investment Projects

Investment Opportunity Daily Income (₦) Price (₦)
Renewable Energy 2800 ₦336.00 ₦2800.00
Renewable Energy 6800 ₦816.00 ₦6800.00
Renewable Energy 15800 ₦1896.00 ₦15800.00
Renewable Energy 68000 ₦8160.00 ₦68000.00
Renewable Energy 128000 ₦15360.00 ₦128000.00
Renewable Energy 380000 ₦45600.00 ₦380000.00

Is Legit is obviously a scam due to the following reasons. No reputable investment platform would give 12% return on investment. Its just a scheme to attract unsuspecting users into investing. Also It lacks transparency as an investment platform. As a platform promising huge daily returns of 12%, relevant information are missing on the website such as the founders details, management teams details, operation details, licenses and certifications.






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