Is Owodaily a Scam or Legit – Full Review

In this comprehensive review, we’ll be looking at OwoDaily which is a platform that offers numerous money-making opportunities for Nigerians. We’ll explore how it works, confirm its legitimacy, and everything you need to know before joining. If you’re seeking ways to earn extra income online, this comprehensive guide will help you decide if OwoDaily is the right platform for you.

What is OwoDaily?

OwoDaily is an online marketplace that connects businesses, advertisers, workers, affiliates, and customers. Acting as the middleman, OwoDaily brings businesses looking to promote their products together with affiliates and direct users of the platform. Businesses can list their products on OwoDaily to increase sales, while workers and affiliates promote these products and earn money.

OwoDaily’s main objective is to list products and offer tasks as jobs for users. Businesses partner with OwoDaily to promote their products, while workers and affiliates carry out promotional tasks and earn money. This creates a win-win situation for all parties involved, including the platform owners.

How To Make Money On Owodaily

There are several ways to make money on OwoDaily:

Ways to Make Money on OwoDaily:

  1. Completing Micro-Jobs: OwoDaily offers access to various micro-jobs listed on the marketplace. By promoting marketing campaigns or brands and completing simple tasks in your free time, you can earn money. To make money on Owodaily, you can engage in various activities, such as promoting social media accounts, taking surveys, promoting YouTube channels, supporting music promotions, creating articles, and reviewing apps.
  2. Hiring Micro-Influencers: If you have a business or campaign that needs promotion, you can hire targeted micro-influencers on OwoDaily. You can post job instructions and define your target audience, offering a set fee for completion.
  3. Affiliate Offers: As a member, you gain exclusive access to deals on the marketplace, where sellers list attractive offers for commission-led sales promotions. You can earn money by promoting these deals and driving sales.
  4. Digital Marketing Academy: OwoDaily provides a members-only academy offering digital marketing courses. By enhancing your digital marketing skills, you can maximize your earning potential on the platform.
  5. Owodaily Village: Connect with like-minded individuals in the OwoDaily online community Village. Interact with others who can support and guide you on your journey, making your experience easier and more rewarding.

OwoDaily Membership Types

There are three types of accounts on OwoDaily:

  1. Free Plan: This is the free membership plan that allows you join the owodaily platform and explore it. But on this plan, you dont get to earn income.
  2. Membership Plan: For a one-time fee of N5,000, this plan grants access to tasks that users can complete to earn money. The payment for each task varies, and users also earn 50% commissions for inviting new customers via their affiliate link. Access to the academy for online marketing learning is included. You also get to withdraw your earnings weekly.
  3. Owodaily Plus Plan: For N15,000, the Plus Plan offers everything in the Membership Plan, along with additional opportunities to make more money. Users can offer products and services on the platform to new customers and earn commissions on each sale. Cashback on personal purchases is also available. You also get to withdraw your earnings weekly.

Is OwoDaily Legit or Scam?

OwoDaily is a legitimate platform that pays its users for completing tasks.It has a lot of positive reviews from real users who have used the platform and vouch for its reliability. OwoDaily is not a scam and can be trusted for earning opportunities.






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