Is Onpassive Real or Fake – Full Review

OnPassive is a self-proclaimed information technology company, touting itself as the next big thing, set to revolutionize the internet with over 50 cutting-edge digital products powered by artificial intelligence. According to the founder, Mr. Ash Mufareh, these products will compete with tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Zoom, across 50 different verticals.

In the vast world of online opportunities, it’s crucial to be careful before investing your hard-earned money. Today, we dive deep into a company that promises a lifetime of success and prosperity – OnPassive. Beware, as what seems like an enticing ground floor investment opportunity may just be a cunning Ponzi scheme in disguise.

How To Join Onpassive Ecosystem

In today’s competitive digital landscape, online marketing has become a crucial tool for businesses to reach their target audience effectively. As technology continues to evolve, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer in the marketing world. ONPASSIVE, an IT organization, is at the forefront of this AI-powered marketing revolution, offering an automated platform to help businesses grow and succeed.

Sign-up Via GoFounders:
To become a part of the ONPASSIVE ecosystem, you can sign up as a founder member through GoFounders ( The process is straightforward – either use the link provided by your inviter or directly register on the ONPASSIVE website. The system operates on a 3 x 10 matrix structure, placing founders based on their joining date and the number of personally sponsored paid founders.

Join via Invitation:
Alternatively, you can join ONPASSIVE through an invitation link from a sponsor. Make sure your sponsor’s name is mentioned above the page to ensure proper placement. If not, ask your sponsor to resend the invitation link.


Onpassive Payment Plans

If you want to join Onpassive, there are two payment plans. The recommended plan costs $97 and includes the initial Founders fee, ensuring placement at the top of the matrix. The second plan is $997, which can be paid after ONPASSIVE’s launch, along with a $25 business package. Opting for the $97 plan is advised to secure a top position among founders.


Is Onpassive Legit

No, Onpassive is a scam. OnPassive operates like a Ponzi scheme, relying on recruiting new investors to pay off previous ones, it is destined to collapse eventually. While some early participants may earn small profits, the vast majority of people will lose their investments when the scheme unravels.

. Below are reasons why you shouldnt invest in Onpassive.

1. The Empty Promises

OnPassive has been in pre-launch mode for over three years, yet there is no tangible product or service to show for it. Despite this, the company claims to have a staggering 800,000 “founding members,” when in reality, it is likely a fraction of that number. The founders are asked to pay an upfront fee, ranging from $150 to $97, and are then told they can simply sit back and wait for the profits to roll in.

2. The Flawed Business Model

The OnPassive business model is questionable at best. Founders are told that they will be paid to use the products once they launch. However, the company’s grand vision of creating 50 competing products to dominate the market is unrealistic and unattainable.

3. The Founders’ Illusion

OnPassive’s approach to attracting investors is to label them as “founders” of this trillion-dollar company. This psychological tactic creates a sense of exclusivity and an opportunity for immense wealth. Unfortunately, the reality is far from what they promise.

4. The Reality Check

Ash Mufareh’s claims of outdoing industry giants like Google and Facebook are ludicrous. Creating and maintaining even a single successful product requires significant investment and expertise. The fact that OnPassive claims to do this across 50 different verticals without any products or employees to show for it raises serious red flags.







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