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In this current Nigerian Economy, a lot of people are looking for easy ways of making money. there are a lot of new investment platforms springing up promising user juicy returns. One such platform that has been gaining a lot of attention lately in Nigeria is Nhire group, which claims to offer a unique way to make money through e-commerce tasks. However, there are concerns and doubts about its legitimacy. In this blog post, we will provide an extensive review of the platform, its claims and reveal the potential risks associated with it.

N-hire group ( claims to offer you the chance to make money by completing simple e-commerce tasks and sharing posts of various products on your social media. It all sounds very enticing, doesn’t it?. But thats not all. For you to sign up on their platform and become an employee, you need a Workshop Pass to access the tasks and jobs. To get the workshop pass,  you are required to pay an upfront fee ranging from ₦3,700 to ₦7,400. This should raise a red flag right away. Imagine a legitimate company asking job seekers to pay before securing employment – that’s unheard of!

How To Join Nhire group and Make Money

When you decide to join the Nhire Group, you would need to visit the sign up page to apply as an employee, then you’ll be presented with two options: part-time employment or full-time employment.

The signup fee also known as Job permit on Nhire. For part-time registration, the Job permit fee is ₦‎3,400, while for full-time registration, it’s ₦‎7,400.

As an Nhire employee, your potential salary over the course of one year could look like this:

1 month: ₦120,000
2 months: ₦240,000
3 months: ₦360,000
4 months: ₦480,000
5 months: ₦600,000
6 months: ₦720,000
7 months: ₦840,000
8 months: ₦960,000
9 months: ₦1,080,000
10 months: ₦1,200,000
11 months: ₦1,320,000

Why Nhire Group is a Scam

  • Nhire presents itself as a platform that allows users to earn money by performing e-commerce tasks and sharing them on social media. The promise of quick and easy money might sound appealing, but a closer look raises several red flags. One of the major concerns is that Nhire requires users to pay for a Workshop pass before getting started. Reputable companies do not charge applicants for employment opportunities, raising suspicions about the platform’s intentions.
  • Moreover, Nhire’s referral bonus system raises concerns about a possible ponzi pyramid scheme. Users are encouraged to refer others, and the platform offers attractive bonuses for referring new members. Such platforms do not last and would surely collapse when number of new users dwindle.
  • The lack of transparency regarding Nhire’s ownership and address further adds to the skepticism surrounding the platform. Legitimate businesses usually provide clear information about their identity and location, allowing users to verify their credibility. Nhire’s ambiguous background makes it challenging for users to seek recourse if something goes wrong.
  • The promises of earning up to 220,000 naira in salary seem too good to be true, and they likely are. The platform’s primary income source appears to come from new user  registrations, rather than legitimate e-commerce tasks or product sales.
  • Nhire cunningly uses the term “salary” to make you believe you’re earning a regular income. However, this so-called salary is contingent on you recruiting others and earning from their payments. In reality, it’s just another way to motivate you to bring in more victims to perpetuate the scheme.

In conclusion, Nhire’s claims should be taken with caution, and it is crucial to exercise due diligence before investing time and money into such ventures. Pyramid schemes and questionable business practices can lead to financial loss and disappointment for many participants.






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      The agent of NHIRE are also scammers something of 7,400 I paid 24,000 it’s was supposed to be 26k before I was giving a discount of 2k which never see the light of the day due to the fat that I mistakingly click on resign botton cos I was not with my glasses 24k just go like that my question is why should they be resign botton on the update page that is how I lost 24k after few minutes of activation and there is nothing anybody can do about it cos the CEO is not known. Thanks so much for the review

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    Edeoga Emmanuel Onyedikachi

    Many professional scammers are everywhere today.

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