Is a Scam or Legit?

A lot of Nigerians are looking for easy ways to earn extra cash to supplement their lifestyle. This is the reason why different task to earn platforms are launching daily, promising users the opportunity to make huge amount of money for performing simple tasks like sharing content, watching videos and commenting on posts. One of such platform is which has been gaining popularity for a while now.

Megamove claims to allow users make money from performing either social tasks, megamove tasks or referrals. In this blog post we would analyse if this claims are true or not.

How To Earn on Megamove provides multiple opportunities for members to accumulate earnings and rewards. By actively participating in tasks, referrals, and sharing content, members can make money and enjoy the benefits of being part of the platform. The combination of the welcome bonus, referral program, and social tasks offers a promising way for users to increase their earnings significantly.

You can earn money from the megamove website when you perform little and stress free task. You get paid  50-Naira when you share their post on any social media page, 20-Naira when you post your withdrawal testimony, You get a welcome bonus of 400-Naira, Refer a friend and get 600-Naira, perfom social task and earn. And more amazing price and price to win..!!!!

To begin earning on, you are required to pay a registration fee of 1,000 naira, which will activate your account and entitle you to a 400 naira sign-up bonus. Once your account is activated, you can start making money by completing various simple online tasks that can be done quickly. Moreover, you have the opportunity to earn through referrals, and there are no limitations on the number of people you can refer to the platform.


Is Megamove a Scam?

Megamove is a ponzi scheme pretending to be as a task to earn platform. To really make money on, you need to actively participate in the referral programme. While referral programs can be a legitimate way to attract new users, an excessive focus on referrals as the main source of income indicates its a pyramid or ponzi scheme. In pyramid schemes, the primary emphasis is on recruiting new members rather than offering genuine products or services.







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