Is Maxinvest a Scam or Legit – Full Review

Max Invest ( is a new investment platform in Nigeria that promises high returns on investment. They claim anybody who invest in their platform would get 25% on their investment daily. They also pay 20% on referral bonus. In this guide, we would be making a thorough analysis to determine if maxinvest is legit or a scam.

How To Invest on

Register on the website to start your journey of investment. After registration you need to fund your wallet. Users can deposit funds to their wallet through automatic or manual payment gateways. After depositing of funds, you can then go ahead to invest in a plan and enjoy profits added to the wallet. You can also earn commission by referring your friends for bonus generation.

Maxinvest Investment Plans

Plan Daily Profit Investment Capital Back Return Type Number of Period Profit Withdraw Holidays
Starter Plan ₦750 ₦3000 No Period 8 Times Anytime Saturdays
Standard Plan ₦1250 ₦5000 No Period 8 Times Anytime No Profit Holidays
Advanced Plan ₦2500 ₦10000 No Period 8 Times Anytime No Profit Holidays
Pro Plan ₦5000 ₦20000 No Period 8 Times Anytime No Profit Holidays
Max plan 25% ₦30000-₦1000000 No Period 8 Times Anytime N/A

Is Max Invest a Scam?

Yes max invest is a scam. Below are the reasons we believe it is a scam.

  1. Unrealistic Returns: Mainvest promise of earning a consistent 25% return on all investments daily is exceptionally high and  considered unrealistic in the financial industry. Such high return on investment often raise suspicions of unsustainable business practices or potential fraudulent activities.
  2. Lack of Transparency: Although Max Invest provides information about investment plans, referral commissions, and bonuses, there is a lack of transparency regarding the underlying investment strategies or sources of revenue. The absence of clear explanations on how they generate such high returns is a big red flag.






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