Is Claoudfmt Legit or Scam – Full Review

A lot of Nigerians are looking for legit ways of making extra income from the comfort of their room. Due to this reason, a lot of self -aclaimed investments platform are springing up daily promising insane return on investemnts. One of such platforms is which claims to offer daily profits to its users through investments.. In this guide, we would be analysing if Claoudfmt is a legit platform or scam, The information we would be proviing in this guide would help you make reasonable decision whether to invest in this platform or avoid it.

What is is an online investment platform that promise to reward users once they invest on their platform. The platform claims to be a cryptocurrency mining company that allow users make money.

ClaoudFmt operates as a cloud mining company, providing individuals with an opportunity to engage in cryptocurrency mining without the need for setting up their own mining hardware and software. Here’s how ClaoudFmt works:

ClaoudFmt utilizes cloud mining technology to mine various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. Cloud mining involves using remote data centers with shared processing power to mine cryptocurrencies. Users can purchase mining contracts, and the company’s mining hardware will handle the mining process on their behalf.

How To Make Money From

  1. Investing

To get started with ClaoudFmt, users need to create an account on the platform. The registration process typically starts with you providing your phone number, password and referral code.

After registration, users can deposit funds into their ClaoudFmt account. The amount they choose to deposit will determine the investment plan they can participate in.

Once the funds are deposited, users can select their preferred investment plan and activate it. The plan’s duration will start, and users will begin earning daily income based on the plan’s specifications.

ClaoudFmt offers different investment plans with varying rental prices and income durations. Users can choose the plan that suits their budget and investment goals. Each plan specifies the daily income and the total income the user can expect over the duration of the plan.

ClaoudFmt calculates and credits the daily income to the user’s account. The amount earned each day depends on the chosen investment plan and the mining performance.

Claoudfmt Investment Plans
Plan Rental Price Income Duration Daily Income Total Income
B-6k ₦6000 70 Days ₦300 ₦21,000
B-20k ₦20000 72 Days ₦1100 ₦79,200
B-70K ₦70000 74 Days ₦4200 ₦310,800
B-140K ₦140000 76 Days ₦9100 ₦691,600
B-200K ₦200000 78 Days ₦14000 ₦1,092,000
B-400K ₦400000 80 Days ₦30000 ₦2,400,000
B-700K ₦700000 82 Days ₦56000 ₦4,592,000
B-1000K ₦1000000 84 Days ₦85000 ₦7,140,000
B-2000K ₦2000000 86 Days ₦180000 ₦15,480,000
B-5000k ₦5000000 100 Days ₦450000 ₦45,000,000
B-10000K ₦10000000 100 Days ₦950000 ₦95,000,000


2 Signing In Daily

When you sign in to your claoudfmt dashboard daily, the platform would credit you with #20 naira

3. Referrals

You can also make money from claoudfmt by inviting your friends to join the platform through your referral link. Whenever someone registers and activates their account using your link, you receive a commission. The more people you invite, the more money you make

Withdrawal and Payment

The platform claims users can withdraw their earnings once they reach the minimum withdrawal amount, which is N700. Users may be charged a 5% withdrawal fee. appears to have made payments to some users, but it’s crucial to approach with caution.

Is Legit or Scam?

Claoudfmt is a scam and not legit. It attracts victims with promises of high returns on investment or quick profits without much effort. Claoudfmt operates like a ponzi scheme where they use the funds from new investors to pay returns to earlier investors. These schemes can only be sustained as long as new investors keep joining. It wont take long before the platform would crash and investors would loose their money. So be wise!.









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