Is Chatmogul a Scam or Legit – Full Review

Are you looking for a website where you can make side income, then checkout this new platform called ChatMogul. ChatMogul is a unique social earning site that allows you to make money by meeting new people and chatting with them after registration. With over 200 sign-ups daily and millions of Naira paid out every week, ChatMogul presents an exciting opportunity to earn money without referrals. Join us now and discover how you can make up to ₦20,000 weekly by getting referrals!

How To Make Money On Chatmogul

To start making money on chatmogul, you first need to register. Registration cost #2,000 naira. And also you  get a registration Bonus of 1200 naira immediately you register on the site

Earning Via Social Channel:

  • React to a friend’s post and earn ₦20.
  • Every comment you make on your friend’s post earns you ₦20.
  • When you make a post, it gets an instant approval, and you earn ₦200.

Earning via Media Channel (News):

  • Daily login rewards you with ₦100.
  • Reading any post on the platform earns you ₦10.
  • Commenting on any post also earns you ₦10.
  • Sharing their post on your Facebook timeline earns you ₦100.

Earning via Bonuses

  • Join the Facebook community and share your payment proof to earn an extra ₦500 worth of airtime.
  • Become the best affiliate of the week and earn ₦15,000.
  • The second-best affiliate receives ₦3,000.
  • The most active member earns ₦5,000 every week.

Earning Via Referral Program:

You can invite your friends and family to join Chatmogul using your unique referral link. For every person that registers through your link, you receive a referral bonus of ₦1,500.

How To make ₦20,000 weekly on ChatMogul through referrals:

  1. Create a WhatsApp Group to connect with potential referrals.
  2. Leverage Facebook Groups for a wider audience;
  3. Add 150 to 200 people daily to your WhatsApp group.
  4. Explain ChatMogul’s earning potential clearly.
  5. Encourage others to register using your unique referral link.
  6. Earn ₦1,500 per successful referral. Top referrers get a chance to win ₦15,000 and exciting bonuses.

Is Chatmogul Legit?

Chatmogul is a scam and a ponzi scheme. They pay old users using funds from new users. Also they dont pay everyone again but only few people. Do be convinced by different people posting fake payment proofs online. If you join chatmogul, the chances of you being paid is very slim.






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