Is Legit or Scam?

In the year 2050, amidst an interplanetary era, humans have abandoned Earth, leaving behind a post-apocalyptic world now ruled by cats. Within this unique setting, a fascinating money-making platform has emerged, captivating the feline community. Welcome to, a revolutionary platform that enables cats to harness their financial potential and thrive in the RoboCats city. In this blog post, we will delve into the intriguing aspects of, including how to join, ways to make money, investment plans, and earning through referrals.

How to Join

To become a member, users need to follow these steps:

a. Registration: Users must visit the website and complete the registration process, which includes providing basic information..

b. Initial Deposit: To get started, a minimum deposit is required. This investment will serve as the foundation for subsequent earning potentials.


How to Make Money from offers cats diverse earning opportunities to enhance their financial standing. Here are some of the primary ways to make money within this intriguing platform:

a. Popular Projects: Cats can invest in popular projects that offer substantial returns over an extended period. By topping up the required amount, they unlock a cycle of earnings that accumulate in their “Balance” and can be withdrawn later.

b. Standard Projects: Alternatively, felines can opt for standard projects that provide daily returns, adding to their “Balance” at 8:00 AM daily. This option allows for quicker access to earnings. Investment Plans boasts a range of investment plans to cater to the diverse financial goals of its members. Here’s an overview of some of the investment plans available:

Popular Projects:

POBOCAT #01 – Price: ₦1600, Cycle: 500 Days, Total: ₦128000
POBOCAT #05 – Price: ₦21000, Cycle: 500 Days, Total: ₦2152500
POBOCAT #09 – Price: ₦210000, Cycle: 500 Days, Total: ₦28875000

Standard Projects:

POBOCAT #02 – Price: ₦3000, Cycle: 300 Days, Total: ₦153000
POBOCAT #06 – Price: ₦30000, Cycle: 300 Days, Total: ₦1890000
POBOCAT #10 – Price: ₦300000, Cycle: 300 Days, Total: ₦26100000
Investment plans cater to various budget levels, providing cats with flexibility in choosing projects that align with their financial capabilities and goals.

How To Make Money from through Referrals

Get Your Unique Referral Link: Sign up with and get your special referral link.

Share on Social Platforms: Share your link on all your social channels and let your friends, family, and followers know about it.

When the users you invite register with your link and successfully make a deposit, you make a percent.

Rebate Tiers:

Level 1 (LV. 1): Score a whopping 15% of the depositing amount from those who directly sign up with your link. Me-wow, that’s some serious cash right there!

Level 2 (LV. 2): But wait, there’s more! You also get to enjoy 5% of the depositing amount from those who register with the referral links of your LV. 1 invitees. It’s a referral party!

Level 3 (LV. 3): And the fun doesn’t stop! You’ll still be purr-fectly pleased with 2% of the depositing amount from those who join through the referral links of your LV. 2 invitees. keeps on giving!

How To Withdraw Earnings

To withdraw from, you must ensure that your earnings reaches the minimum withdrawal amount of ₦1000. Once your balance meets this requirement, you can initiate the withdrawal process. processes withdrawals within 1 hour of the request during the designated processing time of 7x24h.

Is legit? is a ponzi scheme and be careful before investing in it.






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