Is a Scam or Legit is a recently established online platform that offers users the chance to make money through investments in different plans and also by inviting friends to join the platform.

Blauwwind claims it is a top 5 energy company in Europe’s offshore power generation ranking, and it is also a world-renowned company. The Bluawwind platform is a wealth opportunity you can’t miss, join now to earn high income!

The platform claims to have a variety of generating equipment available for lease, providing people with investment opportunities. Each type of generating equipment can be purchased multiple times for investment purposes. Once an investment plan is purchased, it starts generating income immediately, offering high returns every hour. Investors will receive their income automatically at one-hour intervals or can log in and manually receive the accumulated income at any time.

Blauwwind’s equipment investment cycle is 75 days, and the principal will be automatically be returned to the account balance after 75 days.

You can earn income by investing in their power generation energy equipment, or by inviting friends to earn high cash rebates and commissions. These are the benefits you would enjoy when you join the platform.

1. Registration reward of 350NGN

2. 100NGN for first-time friend registration reward

3. When the friends you invite register and invest, you will directly get 36% cash back.

4. When your Level 2 team members invest, you will get 1% cash back.

5. When your Level 3 team members invest, you will get 1% cash back.

6. You can also get an extra daily commission for the equipment income of all team members in Team Levels 3. 3%-1%-1%

7. Cash rewards will be sent to your account balance immediately after your team members invest.

8. Daily commissions are automatically sent to your balance based on when your team members receive profits.

9.  The minimum withdrawal is 1000NGN, and multiple withdrawals can be made every day.

In the world of online investment platforms, it’s essential to tread cautiously and do your research before putting your hard-earned money into any scheme. While some platforms are genuine and can help you earn profits, others might turn out to be scams, leaving you empty-handed.

How Does Work

To start earning on, users need to sign up and receive 350 naira for free as a welcome bonus. Next, they must deposit funds into the platform and invest in any of the available plans. The platform guarantees daily returns, and higher investments have the potential to yield more substantial profits.

Another way to earn on is through their referral program. Users can invite friends to register using their unique referral link, and for each successful referral, they will receive 38% of their referral’s investment amount along with 100 naira. Investment Plans

Investment Plan Daily Return (₦) Total Reward (₦) Investment Price (₦)
Borssele I – 2.5MW 550 41,250 2,200
Borssele I – 6.5MW 1,890 141,750 7,200
Borssele I – 8MW 4,210 315,750 16,000
Borssele II – 20MW 10,556 791,700 38,000
Borssele II – 50MW 19,444 1,458,300 70,000
Borssele II – 120MW 44,117 3,308,775 150,000
Borssele III – 220MW 88,235 6,617,625 300,000
Borssele III – 480MW 187,500 14,062,500 600,000
Borssele IV – 760MW 312,500 23,437,500 1,000,000
Borssele IV – 1.2GW 666,667 50,000,025 2,000,000 Referral Program provides a referral program that offers users an additional avenue to earn. By referring friends to the platform using their unique referral link, users can receive 38% of their referral’s investment amount, and for each successful referral, they will also earn an extra 100 naira.

Is a Scam?

Yes is a scam. Any investment platform promising very huge return on investment is a scam. Blauwind promises users 2000% return on investment.

Also the lack of detailed information about the platform, such as the identity of the CEO and the team behind it, raises transparency concerns. Legitimate investment platforms typically provide clear information about their management and team members to build trust with investors







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