Is AIM ( Scam or Legit?

Aim7777 is an online platform that claims to allow users make money daily by investing in cloud mining. Users can register on the platform and perform various tasks, including investing,  inviting friends and family to join using their referral links, earning commissions from their referrals.

The original AIM company known as American investment management firm was founded in 1977 by Gary Bergstrom. Headquartered in Boston, with offices in London, Singapore and Sydney. The firm is known for using quantitative analysis and strategies in making investment decisions. was launched on March 11, 2023, and is claimed to be a legitimate platform. To participate, users need to invest in a plan with a minimum of 5,000 naira and a maximum of 600,000 naira. The minimum daily income on the platform is 200 naira.

How To Make Money On Aim7777

To start making money on aim7777, users needs to register an account using this registration link.

To register on Aim7777, users need to provide their phone number, login password and referral code on the registration page. After that, for login, users must provide their verified mobile phone number and password

Make Money Through Investment

To invest in aim7777, login to your admin dashboard, click on the “Product” menu at the bottom, select the investment package you want to invest in, then go ahead to fund your wallet and click on the “Invest” button.

Aim7777 Investment Packages

Card Type Daily Income Validity Period Total Revenue Price
Copper ₦ 30 90 Days ₦ 2,700 ₦ 2,700
Aluminum ₦ 100 90 Days ₦ 9,000 ₦ 9,000
Nickel ₦ 200 90 Days ₦ 18,000 ₦ 18,000
Silver ₦ 300 90 Days ₦ 27,000 ₦ 27,000
Platinum ₦ 500 90 Days ₦ 45,000 ₦ 45,000
Gold ₦ 800 90 Days ₦ 72,000 ₦ 72,000
Palladium ₦ 64350 56 Days ₦ 3,603,600 ₦ 990,000
Copper ₦ 519.4 50 Days ₦ 25,970 ₦ 9,800
Aluminum ₦ 1680 51 Days ₦ 85,680 ₦ 30,000
Nickel ₦ 3770 52 Days ₦ 196,040 ₦ 65,000
Silver ₦ 9000 53 Days ₦ 477,000 ₦ 150,000
Platinum ₦ 21960 54 Days ₦ 1,185,840 ₦ 360,000
Gold ₦ 44100 55 Days ₦ 2,425,500 ₦ 700,000
Palladium ₦ 64350 56 Days ₦ 3,603,600 ₦ 990,000
M-3 ₦ 144 43 Days ₦ 6,192 ₦ 3,000
M-22 ₦ 1100 42 Days ₦ 46,200 ₦ 22,000
M-50 ₦ 2650 41 Days ₦ 108,650 ₦ 50,000
M-110 ₦ 6160 40 Days ₦ 246,400 ₦ 110,000
M-260 ₦ 15080 39 Days ₦ 588,120 ₦ 260,000
M-550 ₦ 33000 38 Days ₦ 1,254,000 ₦ 550,000
M-3 ₦ 144 43 Days ₦ 6,192 ₦ 3,000
M-22 ₦ 1100 42 Days ₦ 46,200 ₦ 22,000
M-50 ₦ 2650 41 Days ₦ 108,650 ₦ 50,000
M-110 ₦ 6160 40 Days ₦ 246,400 ₦ 110,000
M-260 ₦ 15080 39 Days ₦ 588,120 ₦ 260,000
M-550 ₦ 33000 38 Days ₦ 1,254,000 ₦ 550,000

Make Money Through Referrals

Another way you can earn on Aim7777 is through its referral/affiliate program. Users can refer friends and family to the platform using their referral links to earn commissions.

How To Withdraw Earnings

Regarding withdrawals, users can withdraw from the platform’s affiliate withdrawal system, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 naira.

Is Aim7777 Legit

Below is the reason why  aim7777 is a scam

  1. Aim777 is pretending to be Acadian Asset Management (, they also went ahead to copy content from that website to their own platform.
  2. Missing Founders & Management details: Aim7777’s owner and founder remain unknown. A platform that claims to be reliable and legit would have detailed information about its founding members, managements and staff.
  3. Missing Payment Proofs: There is no payment proof available, leaving uncertainty about whether the platform pays without referrals. While it claims to offer opportunities for online earnings through investments and referrals, caution is advised, and it’s essential to invest only what one can afford to lose until the platform’s legitimacy is verified.
  4. AIM7777 lures investors into bringing new members by promising referral commissions. However, it appears to be a trap to make them invite members who would purchase their fake investment package.

Given the numerous red flags and warnings associated with AIM7777, it is evident that this platform is nothing more than a scam designed to deceive and exploit unsuspecting investors. The false promises of daily income, referral commissions, and withdrawal delays are tactics commonly employed by fraudulent schemes.







10 responses to “Is AIM ( Scam or Legit?”

  1. David James Avatar
    David James

    At least, they’re paying for now
    So let’s enjoy while it lasts
    My advice, Just invest what you can afford to lose, that’s all

    1. Adetunji Favour Avatar

      They are scam they’ve really scammed slot this days putting one shit on our account not allowing us withdraw and still expecting us to put 50k for verification , we’ve agreed they’ve scammed us please y’all keep your money safe ❤️

      1. Aim operator Avatar
        Aim operator

        Send mail for further assistance :

  2. Adeyanju Adedeji Avatar
    Adeyanju Adedeji

    But, let’s view it from this angle, aim had been paying since last 6 months I joined, to thousands of members everyday,if they close down now will they gain all the money already paid to thousands of member since 6months in just few questions is, if they are scammers why did they pay huge amount of money to people for such a long period of time?. if aim close down today they are at loss, due to my analysis, does any scam platform last this long?

    1. Jubril olumide yusuf Avatar
      Jubril olumide yusuf

      They’re doing it to buy your trust
      They’ll soon shut down like other scammers

  3. Umar Faruq Avatar
    Umar Faruq

    Now Aim is doing rubbish

  4. Latech Avatar

    This guy is a big scammer. This is the few datails I got about him through opay
    ACCOUNT NUMBER 8137302754

    But if you dial the phone number above it will first show CHINEDU MAURICE then later show DARE HENRY
    Due his picture is not showing on Opay details
    I have send message to Opay but no response yet
    We can both contact Opay if they can release his NIN number bcos this will be great move to get him

  5. Matt Avatar

    Well strategized moves…them plan am well…and some people still went further to go pay for verification and withdrawal channel. There Yahoo plus jazz really catch you we’ll be that oo

    1. Joy Ifesinachi Avatar
      Joy Ifesinachi

      After verification did they remove the risk on the account?

  6. Hoy Avatar

    Aim has scammed me and taken away the money I borrowed.

    Pls anyone that can help me send money to this account: 6115262410…opay


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