Review | Legit or Scam (Greenhive)

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at GreenHive, an online platform that specializes in cryptocurrency mining. We will explore how you can make money by investing in GreenHive, earning from referrals, the available investment plans, and the process of making withdrawals. Let’s dive in and discover the opportunities GreenHive offers!

What is GreenHive?

GreenHive is an advanced technology company focused on cryptocurrency mining. It gives users access to modern blockchain technologies and algorithms to mine cryptocurrencies quickly. The company started on September 15, 2022, with a goal of achieving a 6% profit per day. Their mission is to provide private consumers with top-notch mining equipment and round-the-clock service, setting a new standard in the mining industry.

GreenHive offers users the potential to earn daily profits, ranging from 2% to 6%, depending on their level of investment.

GreenHive presents an opportunity for individuals interested in cryptocurrency mining to earn daily profits. With a focus on advanced technologies, reliable service, and a user-friendly interface, GreenHive aims to be a game-changer in the mining industry. If you’re considering investing in cryptocurrency mining, GreenHive is a platform worth exploring.

How To Register On Greenhive

Getting started with GreenHive is a simple process. To register,

  • Visit this registration link to register
  • Fill in all the required fields and click the register button.
  • Once registered, you can log in using your email if you happen to forget your account login details.
  • However, it’s essential to note that creating multiple accounts is not allowed and can lead to account suspension.

How to Make Money Investing in GreenHive

Investing in GreenHive is simple. You can start by creating an account on their website. Once you have an account, you can deposit as little as $10 to get started. By investing in GreenHive, you can earn a daily profit of 2.3% on your investment. The more you invest, the higher your potential returns can be.

How to Make Money from Referrals

GreenHive also offers an exciting referral program that allows you to earn more. When you refer someone new to GreenHive, you will receive 1 VH/s. Not only that, but you also get 15% in USDT of whatever amount your referral deposits. If your referrals bring in more people and those new members make deposits, you will receive 3 VH/s for each new deposit from your first-level referrals and earn 5% in USDT for each new deposit made by the referrals on the second level.

GreenHive Investment Plans

GreenHive offers various investment plans to suit your needs. You can start with as little as $10 and earn 2.3% in daily profits. There are also higher investment plans available, offering potentially higher returns. Choose a plan that aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance. Below are the various investment plans.

Standard Plans:

  1. $0 – FREE Plan
    • Daily Return: 2%
    • Investment Period: 180 days
    • Bonus: 450 VH/s
  2. $10 – Bronze Plan
    • Daily Return: 2.3%
    • Investment Period: 180 days
    • Mining Power: 1,000 VH/s
  3. $30 – Silver Plan
    • Daily Return: 2.8%
    • Investment Period: 180 days
    • Mining Power: 3,000 VH/s
  4. $70 – Aurum Plan
    • Daily Return: 3.0%
    • Investment Period: 180 days
    • Mining Power: 7,000 VH/s
  5. $150 – Platinum Plan
    • Daily Return: 3.3%
    • Investment Period: 180 days
    • Mining Power: 15,000 VH/s

Premium Plans:

  1. $300 – Titanium Plan
    • Daily Return: 3.5%
    • Investment Period: 180 days
  2. $700 – Mythril Plan
    • Daily Return: 4%
    • Investment Period: 180 days
  3. $1,500 – Rhodium Plan
    • Daily Return: 4.5%
    • Investment Period: 180 days
  4. $3,000 – Iridium Plan
    • Daily Return: 5%
    • Investment Period: 180 days
  5. $5,000+ – Palladium Plan
    • Daily Return: 6%
    • Investment Period: 180 days


How to Withdraw

Withdrawing your earnings from GreenHive is straightforward. If you have not made a deposit but have accumulated the minimum withdrawal amount, you can request a withdrawal after approximately 60 days. Make sure to check the withdrawal terms and conditions on their website for more details.

To withdraw your earnings, go to the Mining page on your dashboard and click on the Withdraw button. Select the currency you wish to withdraw, specify the amount, and provide your wallet address. Withdrawal requests are manually processed and generally take 5-30 minutes to complete, although some cases may take up to 48 hours.

Is Greenhive Legit or Scam?

GreenHive provides a great opportunity for individuals interested in cryptocurrency mining to earn daily profits. We believe Greenhive is a ponzi scheme based on the below red flags

  • GreenHive adopts a referral-based strategy to keep the platform afloat. They urged users to bring in as many active referrals as possible to increase their investment. The more investments from their referrals, the higher their chances of winning valuable prizes. This approach raised concerns, as it indicated that GreenHive might be running on unsustainable tactics.
  • Also has striking similarities with another ponzi platform called Green Hornet. The resemblance raised suspicions that GreenHive might just be another iteration of the same scam. The absence of transparency, the referral-based system, and the potential for misleading promises were reminiscent of previous fraudulent schemes.
  • In conclusion, GreenHive reveals several alarming indicators that suggest it might be a scam. The typo messages on the website, the referral-based system, and the lack of transparency all point to potential red flags. Given its resemblance to previous scams like Green Hornet, it is crucial to exercise caution before investing any time or money in GreenHive.







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