Ej-wine.com Review | Legit or Scam?

A lot of people wants to find out if Ej-wine.com is legit or a scam. This is the reason we are doing this review to critically analyse the investment platform to determine if its real or a fraud.

Ej-wine.com claims to be a wine company thats into the manufacturing and sales of all kinds of wine products. EJ-wine wants Nigerians to invest into its various wine packages and earn daily income of up to 20%. While this seems to be a good deal to earn extra income through investment, it is important to note that Ej-wine.com might be a scam, which is why we have taken the decision to investigate the company and its claims to see if they are true or the company is just one of the fraudulent investment platforms that promise users returns on investment and they later shut down and run away with investors money.

Ej-wine.com prides itself as an online earning platform where registered members can earn daily commissions when they invest in their investment plans. To start earning, members need to create an account and participate in various investment bundles available on the platform.

How To Invest In Ej-wine.com

To invest in ej-wine.com is very easy, they offer a wide range of investment packages you can choose from. To start, you need to create an account and login to your dashboard. Then checkout the various investment packages they offer, select the one you are interested in and then deposit the money and invest. The more you invest, the higher your potential earnings.  You earn 20% daily of your investment amount.

Ej-Wine.com Investment Plans


Investment (USDT): 6
Cycle (Days): 30
Daily Income: 0.48
Total Revenue: 14.4


Investment (USDT): 15
Cycle (Days): 20
Daily Income: 1.50
Total Revenue: 30


Investment (USDT): 28
Cycle (Days): 40
Daily Income: 1.66
Total Revenue: 66.4


Investment (USDT): 35
Cycle (Days): 21
Daily Income: 3.50
Total Revenue: 73.5


Investment (USDT): 53
Cycle (Days): 43
Daily Income: 3.24
Total Revenue: 139.32


Investment (USDT): 100
Cycle (Days): 45
Daily Income: 6.30
Total Revenue: 283.5


Investment (USDT): 220
Cycle (Days): 47
Daily Income: 14.30
Total Revenue: 672.1


Investment (USDT): 350
Cycle (Days): 49
Daily Income: 23.45
Total Revenue: 1149.05


Investment (USDT): 675
Cycle (Days): 50
Daily Income: 45.90
Total Revenue: 2295


Is Ej-Wine.com Legit or Scam?

Ej-wine.com is a scam and a ponzi scheme. The platform is impersonating and claiming to be E&J Gallo wine company (https://www.gallo.com/). The fraudsters created the website to scam Nigerians. Currently it operates a ponzi scheme by paying old users with investment from new users. This kind of business model is not sustainable and it would crash very soon. Be careful, only invest the amount you can afford to lose.







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