Dalevalfarm Review – Is Dalevalfarm.com Legit Or Scam

About Dalevalfarm.com

Dalevalfarm.com, a recently launched agricultural investment platform as of 21/9/2023, offers an opportunity for individuals to invest in various agricultural products, primarily focusing on dairy cow rentals. Investors effectively rent cows from the platform, which are milked daily, and the proceeds from milk sales are used to provide daily returns to investors. The platform offers returns ranging from 6% to 20% daily over a 40-day period, depending on the invested amount.

Key points about Dalevalfarm.com include a minimum deposit and investment of 3,000 naira, a minimum withdrawal threshold of 1,000 naira, and varying investment plans with different profit potentials.

However, it is crucial to approach this platform with caution, as it is described as a long-term Ponzi scheme launched on 21/9/2023. While it offers the potential for daily returns, potential investors should be aware of the associated risks and exercise due diligence before participating in the platform.

Company Name: Dalevalfarm.com
Website url: www.Dalevalfarm.com
Invitation url:
Launch Date: 2023-09-21
Domain Registration Date: 2023-09-16
Domain Expiry Date: 2024-09-16
Owner Name: The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission
Referral Commission
No. of Visits 565
Last Visit: 6min ago


Dalevalfarm.com Features & Benefits

  1. Side Income Opportunity.
  2. Daily Returns.
  3. Ease of Participation.

Dalevalfarm.com Investment Plans

1. Dairy cow A-1

  • Price: 3,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 40 Days
  • Daily Profit: 180NGN
  • Total Profit: 7,200NGN

2. Dairy cow A-2

  • Price: 7,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 40 Days
  • Daily Profit: 420NGN
  • Total Profit: 16,800NGN

3. Dairy cow A-3

  • Price: 15,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 40 Days
  • Daily Profit: 900NGN
  • Total Profit: 36,000NGN

4. Dairy cow A-4

  • Price: 30,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 40 Days
  • Daily Profit: 1,800NGN
  • Total Profit: 72,000NGN

5. Dairy cow A-5

  • Price: 60,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 40 Days
  • Daily Profit: 3,600NGN
  • Total Profit: 144,000NGN

6. Dairy cow VIP-1

  • Price: 10,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 45 Days
  • Daily Profit: 620NGN
  • Total Profit: 27,900NGN

7. Dairy cow VIP-2

  • Price: 20,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 45 Days
  • Daily Profit: 12,400NGN
  • Total Profit: 558,000NGN

8. Dairy cow VIP-3

  • Price: 40,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 45 Days
  • Daily Profit: 45NGN
  • Total Profit: 2,025NGN

9. Dairy cow VIP-4

  • Price: 80,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 45 Days
  • Daily Profit: 4,960NGN
  • Total Profit: 223,200NGN

10. Dairy cow VIP-5

  • Price: 160,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 45 Days
  • Daily Profit: 9,920NGN
  • Total Profit: 446,400NGN

11. Power Bank XII

  • Price: 5,000,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 15 Days
  • Daily Profit: 52,083NGN
  • Total Profit: 18,749,880NGN

12. Rolls-Royce

  • Price: 3,000,000NGN
  • Profit Cycle: 30 Days
  • Daily Profit: 30,000NGN
  • Total Profit: -21,349,672.96NGN (Note: Negative Total Profit is unusual and may indicate a discrepancy)

Dalevalfarm.com Red Flags

1. Missing Investment Details: The platform lacks in-depth explanations of how investments work and how they generate returns.
2. History of Fraudulent Activities: If there are reports of fraudulent activities related to the platform or its founders, this is a significant red flag.
3. Unrealistic Timeframes: Dalevalfarm.com promises quick and substantial profits, a hallmark of many scams.
4. Promotion of Referral System: Ponzi schemes often emphasize referral rewards, encouraging participants to bring in new investors.

Is Dalevalfarm.com Legit or Scam?

Based on all the red flags we have listed above, it is quite evident that Dalevalfarm.com is a Scam








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