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Are you looking for a reliable investment and financial company to invest in the financial markets and cryptocurrencies? Look no further than, a premier investment platform managed by qualified professional traders. goal is to provide their investors with a reliable source of high income while minimizing potential risks and offering exceptional service. They are dedicated to simplifying the relationship between investors and trustees through automation, ensuring a seamless investment experience for all members of our community.

How To make Money on


To start investing with, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account on the website or use a referral link from an existing member.
  2. Choose an investment plan and deposit the desired amount.
  3. Start earning incredible returns. is a new investment platform in Nigeria, promising daily profits through investment activities related to trading on financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges. The company’s goal is to provide investors with a reliable source of high income while minimizing risks. They offer various investment plans to cater to different preferences and budgets, making it accessible to all. With qualified professional traders handling investments, they aim to increase profit margins through profitable strategies.

Referrals offers a referral program that allows users to increase their income by referring others. Investment Plans

Binaryfaucet has different investment options to suit different investors needs. The minimum amount you can invest is 3000 naira to earn 500 naira daily, while the maximum amoount you can invest is 200,000naira to earn 40,000naira daily.


Amount: 3,000.00 NGN
Profit: 500.00 Daily


Amount: 5,000.00 NGN
Profit: 850.00 Daily

Faucet 1

Amount: 7,000.00 NGN
Profit: 1,300.00 Daily

Faucet 2

Amount: 10,000.00 NGN
Profit: 2,000.00 Daily

Faucet 3

Amount: 20,000.00 NGN
Profit: 4,000.00 Daily


Amount: 30,000.00 NGN
Profit: 6,000.00 Daily


Amount: 50,000.00 NGN
Profit: 10,000.00 Daily


Amount: 70,000.00 NGN
Profit: 15,000.00 Daily


Amount: 100,000.00 NGN
Profit: 18,000.00 Daily

Veteran Investor

Amount: 200,000.00 NGN
Profit: 40,000.00 Daily Contact Details

Address: 20 Tony Ofoegbu Street, Asaba Delta State
Phone: +234-903-996-4465
Email: Info@Binaryfaucet.Com


Is Legit or Scam? is a ponzi and a scam platform due to the following reasons. Firstly, the details of the owners and founders of the platform is not known. For an investment company that claims to be reputable, details of its owners and management teams needs to be public so as to build trust with the users.

Additionally, the promised daily return on investment of 16% is highly unrealistic and a clear indication of fraudulent activity. Such high returns are typically associated with scams, as genuine investment opportunities rarely offer such extravagant profits.







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