Review | Legit or Scam?

In this blog post, we would be doing a review of a trending cryptocurrency platform called that promises users can earn free money. We would walk you through the process of earning a reasonable amount of money using the Argo-Coin platform. Argo-Coin offers cryptocurrency mining opportunities that allow you to generate profits from your investments.  So when you invest in their cryptocurrency mining packages, you are basically renting a cryptocurrency mining equipment which would immediately start mining cryptocurrencies and earn you profit daily.

How To Make Money on

To make money on, you either invest in any of their cryptocurrencies mining packages or you engage in their referral program.

Make Money From Mining (Investing)

Step 1: Registration and Profile Setup

To begin, register on the ArgoCoin platform by visiting the website and going to the registration page. Once registered, log in to your profile. This is where you’ll be able to access your dashboard, where you can claim daily sign-in rewards.

Step 2: Fund Your Account (Recharging)

To start mining, you’ll need to recharge your account first. Argo-Coin allows you to recharge using either USDT or Naira. Choose your preferred option and follow the steps. If recharging with USDT, copy the provided usdt address and make the payment using your Trust Wallet or another cryptocurrency wallet. After making the payment, take a screenshot as proof and upload it to the recharge page. Click “Completed,” and your funds should reflect in 3-5 minutes.

Step 3: Renting a Miner

Next, proceed to the mining page and click on “Rent”. Confirm your selection, and you’ll successfully purchase a Miner. The duration of your mining contract will depend on the plan you choose. For instance, if you select a 10 USD Miner, you’ll receive daily payouts equivalent to 820 Naira for one year.

Step 4: Starting Your Miner

After purchasing the Miner, click on “My Miner” to view its details, including the expiration date. To start your Miner, click the “Start” button. The Miner will run for 24 hours, so remember to turn it on daily.

Make Money From Referrals

ArgoCoin offers an opportunity to earn more money by inviting others to join the platform. You can copy your unique invitation link and share it with your friends or on social media to increase your earnings.

Withdrawing Your Earnings

To withdraw your earnings, click on “Withdraw” You can choose to withdraw in either Naira or USDT. The minimum withdrawal for USDT is 1 USD, while for Naira, it’s 3 USDT. Enter your withdrawal account details, confirm the changes, and click “Submit.” Your withdrawal will be processed within 30 to 48 hours.

Keep in mind that every 15th of each month is a fee-free withdrawal day. On this day, you can withdraw your earnings without incurring any charges.

Is Legit or Scam? is a scam and a ponzi scheme impersonating the real argo mining company ( basically runs a ponzi scheme where they  depend on users to refer other users who would invest money. The money from new users is used to pay old users. This business monel is not sustainable and would crash after some time.

Also below is the official statement of the real argo mining company concerning the impersonation done by


Argo is aware of recent instances in which bad actors are using Argo’s name in various attempts to scam investors. Argo Blockchain does not have any retail-oriented applications or mining programs, and Argo will never ask individuals to send money. The only way to invest in Argo Blockchain is to purchase ordinary shares (traded on the London Stock Exchange) or the Company’s American Depositary Shares (ADSs) and unsecured notes (traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange).








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