Aprico Algo Review – Is Aprico.net.ng Legit Or Scam

About Aprico.net.ng

Aprico Algo (Aprico.net.ng) is a newly launched investment platform in Nigeria, introduced as a task-to-earn platform where users can earn money by performing various tasks. This platform was launched on August 21, 2023, and offers several membership plans with different benefits:

  • Minimum Withdrawal: Users can withdraw their earnings once they reach a minimum threshold of 1,000 naira.
  • Minimum Deposit: The lowest membership plan requires a deposit of 2,500 naira.
  • Daily Earnings: Users can earn between 300 to 400 naira per task.

Aprico.net.ng offers various membership types, each with its own cost and daily task limits. The cheapest plan, the Starter Plan, costs 2,500 naira and allows users to complete one task per day, earning approximately 300 naira per task. The most expensive plan, the Golden Plan, costs 70,000 naira and permits users to complete 25 tasks daily, potentially earning 7,500 naira per day for 15 days.

Company Name: Aprico.net.ng
Website url: www.Aprico.net.ng
Invitation url:
Launch Date: 2023-08-21
Domain Registration Date: 2023-08-05
Domain Expiry Date: 2024-08-05
Owner Name: The owner of the domain name is hidden in the Whois
Daily Commission
Referral Commission
No. of Visits 566
Last Visit: 1min ago


Aprico.net.ng Features & Benefits

  • Daily Earnings: The platform provides an opportunity for users to earn daily through completing tasks, with earnings ranging from 300 to 400 naira per task. This offers users a source of daily income.
  • Variety of Membership Plans: Aprico.net.ng offers multiple membership plans, each tailored to different budgets and preferences. Users can select a plan that suits their financial capacity and desired level of engagement.
  • Flexible Duration: All membership plans have a duration of 15 days, providing users with flexibility in choosing how long they want to participate.
  • Ease of Withdrawal: Users can withdraw their earnings once they accumulate a minimum balance of 1,000 naira, and withdrawal requests are typically processed promptly, ensuring that users can access their funds when needed.

Aprico.net.ng Investment Plans

  1. Starter Plan:
    • Price: 2,500 naira
    • Daily Task Limit: 1 task
    • Duration: 15 days
  2. Basic Plan:
    • Price: 5,000 naira
    • Daily Task Limit: 3 tasks
    • Duration: 15 days
  3. Intermediate Plan:
    • Price: 10,000 naira
    • Daily Task Limit: 5 tasks
    • Duration: 15 days
  4. Advanced Plan:
    • Price: 20,000 naira
    • Daily Task Limit: 10 tasks
    • Duration: 15 days
  5. Investor Plan:
    • Price: 50,000 naira
    • Daily Task Limit: 20 tasks
    • Duration: 15 days
  6. Golden Plan:
    • Price: 70,000 naira
    • Daily Task Limit: 25 tasks
    • Duration: 15 days

Aprico.net.ng Red Flags

1. No Information on Investments: Aprico.net.ng doesn’t provide detailed information about where your funds are being invested.
2. Unverifiable Track Record: Ponzi schemes lack a legitimate track record of successful investments.
3. Minimal Legal Documentation: Ponzi schemes often lack legal documentation required for legitimate investment operations.
4. Inability to Explain Returns: The platform cannot provide a clear and verifiable explanation for how they generate the promised returns.

Is Aprico.net.nge Legit or Scam?

Based on all the red flags we have listed above, it is quite evident that Aprico.net.ng is a Scam







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