Review | Legit or Scam?

in this review, we would be taking a critical look at a new investment platform called Are you looking to invest your money wisely and securely? Are you intrigued by the potential of artificial intelligence and its role in shaping the future? Look no further than AlphaAI, the cutting-edge investment platform that merges the power of AI with your financial aspirations.

AlphaAI claims to be more than just a regular investment platform, it claims to bean AI research and deployment company with a grand vision. At AlphaAI, we are committed to ensuring that artificial general intelligence (AGI), which refers to AI systems that are smarter than humans across the board, benefits all of humanity. Our core mission revolves around building AGI that is both safe and beneficial. However, we also find fulfilment in assisting others who share the same goal.

AlphaAI Investment Plans

AlphaAI offers a range of investment plans that cater to various budget levels and financial goals. Whether you’re starting small or looking to make a significant investment, they have the right plan for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of our investment options:


Invest ₦30,000
Daily Earning ₦15,000
Total Earning ₦105,000
Duration: 7 days


Invest ₦3,000
Daily Earning ₦1,050
Total Earning ₦126,000
Duration: 120 days


Invest ₦10,000
Daily Earning ₦3,900
Total Earning ₦468,000
Duration: 120 days


Invest ₦100,000
Daily Earning ₦43,000
Total Earning ₦5,160,000
Duration: 120 days


Invest ₦500,000
Daily Earning ₦235,000
Total Earning ₦28,200,000
Duration: 120 days


Invest ₦1,000,000
Daily Earning ₦500,000
Total Earning ₦60,000,000
Duration: 120 days


How To Make Money By Investing

AlphaAI’s investment process is straightforward, secure, and designed to deliver impressive returns. Here’s how it works:

Select Your Investment Plan: Choose from our range of investment plans based on your financial capacity and objectives.

Daily Earnings: Once you’ve made your investment, you’ll start earning daily returns according to the plan you’ve chosen.

Withdraw Your Earnings: AlphaAI values accessibility, so you can withdraw your earnings at any time, 24/7, with a minimum withdrawal of ₦1000.

How To Make Money From Referrals

AlphaAi’s referral program offers you a chance to earn passive income effortlessly. Share your unique referral link with friends to receive 35% commission on their investment, along with a 200NGN cash bonus. Enjoy 2% commissions on Level 2 referrals and 1% on Level 3. As your network grows, your earnings multiply. Join the thriving AlphaAi community, leverage the power of artificial intelligence, and secure a brighter financial future.


Is Legit or Scam?

Alpha-ai is a scam. If you invest in this platform, your money is gone. When investment platforms promise unusual high return on investment, what it means is that such platforms are scams and they use high roi to lure users unto the platform. At the initial stage, they may pay the early users, this is just to attract more members to the platform. At they end of the day such companies shut down and run away with investors money.






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